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Age Of War 2 Unblocked

Age Of War 2 Unblocked is the second and most recent edition of an awesome strategy game. It is not an ordinary game where you have to train units and attack your enemy, it is a game where you will travel through times, from the ancient times to the modern technologies and even future warfare. You have to create a strong army and defeat your enemies. If you remember the previous version of the game, it might be familiar for you the gaming interface - you will notice two bases - one yours, another one belongs to the enemy. If you manage to destroy the base of enemy - you win the battle.

The most interesting thing in Age Of War 2 Unblocked is traveling through time. As soon as you gather needed XP points you can upgrade. As soon as you reach the new age, your base will change, new soldier types will appear as well as other perks. Some of the soldiers are locked at the beginning of the game. You can easily unlock them during the game if you have enough gold.

At the right top of the screen you will notice Upgrades menu where you can make your soldiers stronger. There you can upgrade armor, attack skills and defense skills. You should also keep in mind that some of the soldiers cost less, while others are expensive. The only source of income in the game is killing enemy soldiers, so think about security of your base first and buy some turrets. I am sure you will enjoy the Age Of War 2 Unblocked at our website.